Abney and Associates: PROG LANGUAGES


abney associates infotech update

PC Speak: An Abney and Associates Internet and Technology Research Lab summarizes the following programming languages.  Programming languages are artificial languages used in giving instructions to a machine (particularly a computer) that it could understand. They are employed in creating programs or software and have control on the performance, output and activities of a machine.

PLs are characterized by their syntax (form) and the meaning of its code (semantics). They are quite different from human languages as PLs are finite, exact and can be fully understood — with very little nuances, too. Plus, meanings of keywords do not change so there is no chance of something being misinterpreted as another thing.

Thousands of programming languages are already existing (and still counting) as they are created for specific needs and requirements, most of which are commercial. A programming language can be a combination of two or more already existing languages but some are really designed from scratch.

abney associates infotech update




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